Jathiswaraalaya: Course highlights & Key aspects of Our Classes

At Jathiswaraalaya,

  • Age is not a criteria. We believe that, learning and performing an Art, is possible at any age, with the right amount of practice.
  • Teaching of indepth concepts of Taal, right from the beginning levels, makes a dancer at Jathiswaraalaya, capable of becoming an accomplished artist with professional choreography skills.
  • We believe that performing on stage is a huge opportunity, for both a passionate beginner as well as for an advanced dancer. Hence, we provide valuable opportunities and on-stage performances, for students, right from the very beginning levels.
  • Our Institution, founded by the renowned musicologist & composer, Dr. Shri. P.R. Venkatasubramanian ji, (who is an inspiring guide to many, pursuing research in classical music and dance); our students perform for his advanced compositions, new items and unique themes.
  • We provide continuous guidance throughout from basics to advanced levels for all aspiring learners.
  • Being affiliated to renowned universities for recognised certifications, our classes are based on a course with structured syllabus for methodical learning. Level-wise certifications are provided to students at all levels in both Bharatanatyam and Kathak, by the institution too.
  • All, at an affordable fee.
LecDem at Jathiswaraalaya